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In an effort to reduce costs and broaden involvement in the organization, the Diamonds Board has established four new working committees. We are seeking at least one parent from each team to join these committees. Each committee will be led by a board member. You do not need any particular expertise, only interest and enthusiasm. Please contact David Kniola directly (, if you are interested in serving on one of these committees.

Please reach out to any board member if you have questions, concerns, or ideas! We are committed to making this an organization that you can be proud to have your athlete grow and develop as a player and a young woman.

Chaired by Janyne Mathena


This group will address communicating news and information about the Diamonds. It will consider social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram) as well as traditional outlets such as the organization’s website, advertising and newspaper articles. Efforts will be directed at both internal (across teams) and external communication.

Chaired by James Davison


This group will address fundraising activities across teams. It will consider ways to raise money for the purposes of improving the athlete experience and reduce costs to families. It will be charged with a directive to find ways to “work smarter, not harder” in an effort to maintain a high quality and affordable experience.

Chaired by Matt Hanratty


This group will address issues related to the Diamonds Indoor Facility (DIF) and outdoor facilities including construction, maintenance, use, and improvements. It will consider policies, equipment, and structures that will make the DIF a special place for our athletes to improve their game.

Chaired by Veronica Spradlin


This group will address outreach activities including community service and leadership development. It will consider ways for the organization to give back including growing the sport (e.g., softball clinics/camps) and service opportunities that benefit the communities in which we live. It will also develop leadership opportunities for athlete growth on and off the field.

Committees: List
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